Cheers everyone, and welcome to Lost in Fermentation!

We are Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns, an Italian/Australian couple, traveling together for over 15 years. You may already know us from our other travel blog, The Crowded Planet – a blog about sustainable nature and adventure travel, online since 2014, that took us to far-flung places like Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, Faroe Islands, Botswana, and more. 

The two craft beer lovers behind this site!

“He is a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato

What is Lost in Fermentation?

Lost in Fermentation is our new adventure, a brand-new blog dedicated to finding the best beer all over the world. 

Over the years, beer has been a recurring theme in our travels. If we are exploring a city, we like ending the day with a nice IPA in a craft beer bar. If we are hiking, a chilled glass of local pilsner is just what we need to replace those electrolytes. After skiing, we like a nice stout or an amber ale, and there’s nothing like a chilled bottle of lager to end a day on the beach. 

I bet we were both thinking about beer at this stage after a long hike!

What Will You Find on Lost in Fermentation?

Lost in Fermentation is dedicated to craft beer, our other big passion alongside travel. On this blog, you’ll find craft beer guides of our favourite cities, in-depth articles about our favourite breweries, beer hikes, and other beer-related adventures. 

We also love discovering local beers and fermented drinks from all over the world – like bia hoi from Hanoi, pulque from Mexico, and airag/kymyz from Central Asia.

Our Favourite Craft Beer Destinations

We do love pretty much all kinds of beer, but we have a soft spot for craft beer. Thankfully, in recent years the world seems to have been swept away by a craft beer craze, which seems to be ever-increasing! 

What was once a niche phenomenon has now become mainstream, and you’ll find craft beer not just in places like Milan, Brooklyn and Berlin, but also in places where previously your only choice of beer was a boring commercial label. 

Having said that, when talking about beer, our favorite destinations are Belgium, the Czech Republic, the US West Coast, and Germany (especially Bavaria). We’ve also been surprised by the craft beer scene in Osaka and Mexico City, two places where we didn’t expect to find such a wide choice of labels!

Traveling Namibia for our 10th anniversary!

Lost in Fermentation Supports Responsible Drinking

We’d also like to clarify that we care deeply about responsible drinking. Our aim for this site is to share our love for quality beer, not tell you where to get smashed with your mates.

We’ll tell you about places where you can relax with a nice brew and enjoy a quiet conversation – you won’t find ‘pub crawls’ where the sole aim is getting drunk. 

How Can I Get in Touch?

You can write to us using the contact form on our ‘Contact Us’ page, email us at lostinfermentation20 [at] gmail [dot] com, or follow us on social media!

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