Best Craft Beer in Prague Guide

So, what’s the best European city when it comes to beer? After putting together our craft beer in Milan guide, we wondered what our second craft beer guide should be. Maybe Berlin? Or somewhere in Belgium, like Brussels or Ghent? Or what about stein-toting Munich?

After much debating, we settled for Prague. The Czech capital is one of those places where beer is truly everywhere – after all, it costs less than water! From historic cafés in the Old Town, to hipster locales in up-and-coming Holešovice, you usually can’t go wrong if you order a beer in Prague.

After all, even commercial labels like Staropramen or Pilsner Urquell are better quality than their counterparts in most countries – or maybe, is it just that Prague is more beautiful?

On top of that, Prague truly seems to have a beer obsession – you can bathe in a beer spa, visit a beer museum where you can bottle your own beer, take a beer tour around Prague’s famous taverns, join a Segway beer tour or even drive your own ‘rolling beer bar’ around the city. To keep your beer obsession going, you can spend the night in a brewery hotel.

In short, Prague is the ideal destination for beer geeks!

However, we are not here to talk about touristy sport beer bars. Y’all know our heart beats for craft beer. So, there you are – the 15 best places for craft beer in Prague, including microbreweries, craft beer bars and some historic watering holes!

Hand with a mug of beer on the background of the Old Town Square
Beer in Prague? We’ve got you covered!

Best Microbreweries & Craft Beer Bars in Prague

1) Brevnov Monastery Brewery

Markétská 1/28

If you like your breweries with a helping of history, then you should make a beeline for Brevnov Monastery Brewery. Founded in 993 AD – and with a few interruptions in its history (World War II, for example) – it’s been going strong for over 1,000 years.

Brewing under the name Břevnovský Benedict, this unique brewery isn’t just a place of silence – it’s a place of beer-drinking. There’s a big selection on offer, from the pale lager that is Světlý ležák (5%) all the way to Klášterní IPA (6.5%), with Czech fare served up for the hungry. It’s the original craft beer in Prague – it’s the oldest brewery in the country, after all.

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2) Craft House Prague

Navrátilova 1421/11

From the ancient to the modern, Craft House Prague describe themselves as a “multitap beer bar & bottle shop.” Centrally located, more so than other places to lap up craft beer in Prague, it’s situated in Charles Square – where all the action happens.

It’s a bright, contemporary space boasting a wide range (including 100 bottled varieties and some real ciders, too) – and not just from the Czech Republic, either. Their separate “Imperial Bar” selection has more potent brews such as Double IPAs and Russian Imperial Stouts.

With beer-tasting sets if you can’t decide, you can pair your suds up with trendy Swedish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) if you’re hungry.

Staromestska square and Tynsky Temple in Prague at sunrise
Sunrise in Prague – is is still too early for beer?

3) Pivovar Narodni

Národní 8

Opening its doors in 2015, this new addition to the microbrewery scene in Prague may easily become your favorite bar in the city. It’s a popular spot for locals and visitors, drawn there by its enormous beer garden, where you can enjoy good beer and good food (think grilled meat and goulash) in the shade of trees.

Pivovar Narodni serves up their very own Czech Lion beers (three varieties on offer), most popularly the Národní Czech Lion 11° – which is, in classic Czech style, a malty and easy-to-drink affair. What’s more, this brewery is conveniently situated near tram stops and a metro station.

4) BeerGeek Bar

Vinohradská 988/62

If “beer geek” sounds like you, then you should hit up this bar if you’re looking for craft beer in Prague. Modern and decidedly cool, it’s a contemporary spot for a fresh beer. It has 32 taps (changing regularly) to its name and is a testament to the owners (and staff), who self-admittedly love craft beer and drink it every day.

Crafting their own beer under the name Sibeeria Brewery, there’s also a hand-picked selection alongside – from international favorites to local brews you may not be able to find anywhere else. With over 500 bottled on offer, they also lay claim to having the most extensive selection of bottled beers in Prague.

Scenic view of the Old Town pier architecture and Charles Bridge over Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague iconic Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) and Old Town Bridge Tower at sunset, Czechia.
Scenic view of the Old Town and Vltava river

5) Maly/Velky

Mikovcova 605/4

Set in the uber-trendy Vinohrady neighborhood, Maly/Velky is a fittingly hip spot to try their selection of hoppy ales, Bohemian lagers and punchy sours – all of them from microbreweries. The bar itself definitely reflects the edgy neighborhood, with its stripped-back decor and warm lighting.

Don’t think you’re lost at the entrance; it’s a plain door opening into a long corridor that leads to a set of stairs down to the basement. That said, in warmer weather, the beer garden adds a more breezy atmosphere. Staff are knowledgeable and will help you choose according to your taste. Bonus points go to its delicious bar food and its craft cocktails and organic wine.

6) Illegal Beer

Ve Smečkách 590

Not too fancy, nor too trendy, Illegal Beer is authentically Czech with interiors to match. The sparsely decorated design of this tiny joint, made up of two rooms, makes for a charming, friendly atmosphere – even if it is located in a red-light district.

Arguably one of the best spots to drink craft beer in Prague, there’s a regular rotation on offer across their six taps, with one usually dedicated to lager. The Czech beers on offer are served in top condition, such as those from Clock Brewery (they do a rich and full-bodied pale ale) and Zichovec Brewery. No Pilsner here when we visited – which is strange, but a welcome addition in Pilsner land!

Prague Old Town Street at Night.
Prague Old Town Street at Night.

7) Lod Pivovar

Štefánikův most Dvořákovo nábřeží Kotviště číslo 19

Lod Pivovar, as its Czech name describes, is quite literally a “Brewery Boat.” Formerly a party boat, this now celebrated bastion of craft beer in Prague boasts six taps, three rotating, three permanent – Legie, Monarchie and (a favourite) 12° Republika, which is bitter, malty, and pairs excellently with the food.

The food alone is a good reason to come here. Its top deck restaurant serves traditional Czech cuisine, while down below in the hold, there are smaller plates and locally smoked meats to sample. With seating options throughout the boat, it’s also simply a great way to soak up the city’s scenery.

8) Zly Casy

Čestmírova 390

Just a 20-minute tram ride from central Prague, Zly Casy is a traditional style Czech pub that has layers upon layers of charm to lull you into its vibrant but friendly atmosphere. Set over three levels, this is an iconic stop-off for beer-lovers – not just because of the atmosphere, but also because there are 48 beers on tap – from small, family breweries to medium-sized enterprises.

On offer are lagers, dark beers, wheat beers, ales, and more. Some very drinkable examples include Zlatá Labut 11°, the full-bodied Bad Flash Brewery New England IPA, bursting with flavor, and the Kocour Brewery IPA – light, beautifully brewed, and very enjoyable. Warning: it can get very busy, so maybe book ahead if you want to secure a table.

Beer pub in the center of Prague of the Czech Republic
There’s so much beer to enjoy in Prague!

9) Bad Flash Bar

Krymská 126

Beers from Bad Flash Brewery appear throughout Prague’s craft beer scene, so it’s no surprise that its flagship bar is very popular – and good. Located on Krymska Street, it’s a cool hang-out with rustic decor, tiled floors, and a hip atmosphere. Bad Flash is actually a partnership of two formerly competing beer barsKulovy Blesk and Zly Casy – and has been commissioning a series of popular beers for a while now.

They serve up 12 Czech and international beers on tap, with hundreds of bottled options to choose from if you feel like a takeaway for later. It’s a low-key kind of establishment; you can’t book a table, just turn up. They also feature imports from names like BrewDog, and the barrels are well looked after. (It’s also very lively!)

If you fancy a quieter atmosphere, they also have a second venue in the Karlin neighborhood.

10) Mrtva Ryba

Benátská 4/1965

The name may translate to “Dead Fish,” but don’t let that put you off; this place is a true gem for craft beer in Prague. A student hang-out with an easygoing (and affordable) atmosphere to match, there’s an interesting selection of beers to sample, with descriptions of each at the pump. Our favorites here are Cerna Hora 11°, Zemske Pivo and Merlin.

One of the best things about this place is the location; it’s right near the botanic gardens, which you can wander around after a beer or two and some of its delicious, simple food. The beer garden – a rustic assortment of benches under trees – is also great when the weather’s decent.

Sunrise on Charles bridge in Prague
Sunrise on Charles Bridge

11) Pipa Beer Story

Dlouhá 618/14

In the heart of the Prague Old Town, and just 200 meters from the city center, Pipa Beer Story is a charming basement bar/ craft beer shop. It’s compact and cozy and serves up some great beers across six taps. There’s Staropramen 11° for a classic taste, while Cerna Barbora 13° and Velvet 12° offer the rich flavor of dark and semi-dark lager.

There is a wide selection of bottled beers at Pipa Beer Story – more than 160 types –  from out-there varieties like blueberry beer to well-known lagers. If you can’t decide, why not try this rustic alehouse’s tasting set of six different beers (160 Kc). For the hungry, the food is good, too.

12) U Kunstatu

Řetězová 222 3

Another Old Town destination for craft beer lovers in Prague, U Kunstatu boasts more than 100 different types of beers from small, local breweries and mid-sized independents. Amazingly set inside a 12th-century Romanesque palace, this is a great place to come if you like your beer served with a hefty side of history.

With its picturesque courtyard beer garden and vaulted brick basement, the setting is truly wonderful. If you’d like an introduction to Bohemian beer, opt for a 90-minute tasting session to give you a full scope of the Czech beer scene, with knowledgeable staff talking you through it all. If you like dark beers, try the 24 Double Porter.

A fresh pint of Czech craft beer on a rooftop terrace in the cen
Fresh pint of Czech craft beer on a rooftop terrace

13) Vinohradsky Pivovar

Korunní 2506/106

Featuring minimal interiors set inside a historic building, this brewery’s aesthetics reflect its traditional Bohemian beer-making method used for modern-day brews. Set in hipster enclave Vinohrady (also home to Maly/Velky) and co-owned by renowned brewer František Richter, this place oozes authenticity.

With five of their own beers on tap at all times, aside from the Bohemian beers, you can also try out IPAs, wheat beers, and stout. Adding to the coolness, from the main room you can see into the brewery itself. Fittingly, the food served here is a contemporary twist on traditional Czech cuisine.

14) T-Anker

8, nám. Republiky 656

How about a rooftop setting? The largest rooftop restaurant in Prague (650 metres squared), T-Anker offers a romantic – or simply just cool – option, set on the roof of the Kotva Department Store. But aside from the sweeping views of the Old Town, it’s the taproom here that’ll catch your attention.

T-Anker has a continuously changing selection of nine different beers on tap, as well as dozens of bottled beers to choose from. While the food is great (the burgers are of particular note), it’s a great place to come to enjoy craft beer in Prague if you want an incredible view as a backdrop to your lunchtime thirst-quencher.

15) U Medvidku

Na Perštýně 345/5

Ranking as one of the oldest drinking establishments in Europe, U Medvidku dates back to 1466. As well as being one of the oldest pubs, it was also the site of the first cabaret in Prague. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also one of Prague’s largest pubs in classic beer hall style.

Set over several levels, they serve up a few of their own brews from their onsite microbrewery – including infamous X Beer 33, allegedly the strongest beer in the world (13%) – alongside a host of other lagers and ales. It feels like a definitive drinking establishment and gives a good taste of Czech culture.

You can also stay the night; it doubles as a hotel.

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